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Double or Triple the Length of Your Swimming Season with a Solar Pool Heating System from Diablo Solar

Solar Pool Heating Systems

Switch to Solar Pool Heating And Save. Get $500 Off Solar Pool Heating System. Pool solar starts as low as $63 per month. Solar pool heating is most cost-effective and efficient way to heat your swimming pool. Heating your pool with solar energy will save you hundreds not thousands of dollars each year when compared to gas and electric heating systems.

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Why Choose Diablo Solar for Pool Heating?

Zero Operating Costs.

Renewable energy from the sun heats your pool. Over a 10-year period of heating with gas you could have purchased three solar pool-heating systems!

Ready When You Are.

Solar automatically operates when the sun is shining. It runs on FREE heat from the sun. You control the temperature. Our systems will heat and maintain your pool at over 80 degrees.

Quality Products.

Diablo Solar uses industry-leading solar pool heating products from FAFCO* Inc. FAFCO has pioneered the solar pool heating market for close to 50 years and has installed over 2-million solar panels worldwide.

Customized Solutions To Meet Your Needs

Diablo Solar offers reliable and aesthetically pleasing solar panel mounting solutions, making installation cost effective and safe for decades to come.

Since 1984, Diablo Solar has been providing customers with many different customized solar installation options. The cost and complexity of installing panels varies with the design and the composition of the roof. When installing solar panels, it is important to consider both the direction that the roof faces as well as the amount of sun that location receives throughout the entire day.

Whether your solar system is mounted on your roof, on a ground-based rack, or tilted-up on a patio cover or other accessory structure, Diablo Solar can accommodate almost all roof types and locations.

Roof Mount Solutions

Most solar systems are installed on a roof. Diablo Solar can install on most types of roofs, including composition, tile, metal, shake and even foam and vinyl membrane. The unique, understated design of our panels allows you to relax and enjoy the beauty of your pool while saving energy too.

Ground Rack Solutions

Ground mounted systems can be placed in an unused or unseen part of the property. This can be a popular option for solar pool heating. Ground based racks are typically installed close to the ground and can be installed in a flat area, or following the slope of a hillside. Diablo Solar can also build taller structures surrounding the pool area, like carports, patio covers or sheds and we can often install solar systems hundreds of feet away from the main house or buildings.

Flat Roof / Tilt-Up Solutions

In situations where the solar needs to be installed on a flat roof, Diablo Solar can build a tilt-up rack so that the solar panels are better orientated to the sun. This allows you to gain maximum sun exposure while lowering your energy costs.

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Partners & Products

Diablo Solar's solar-pool heating systems utilize cutting edge technologies from America's best solar manufacturing companies such as FAFCO, Hayward and Pentair.

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